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Blooming sized.  This group of purpuratas were bred by Main Street using the FCC purpurata 'Nancy' as a pollen parent.  To date every one has bloomed as a flammea variety and look great.  Some, however, may not be striatas.  We do not take our orchids to judging (just not enough time) but these look awardable to us.


A chance to have a purpurata that has not been cloned.  Each is seed crossed so it's a chance for all you purpurataholics to have something unique.



C. (L.) purpurata v. flammea - BS


                 Size                             Min Night Temp.                        Light                             Fragrant           Winter* Rest                                         WYSIWYG

    BS=Blooming Size                     W=60F                           L+Low (1000fc)                     Y/N                   Y=needs                                             What you see is 

    NBS=1-2 yrs til bloom                 I=55F                M=Medium (1000-2000fc)                                 N=No winter rest                                    what you get

    Sdlg=2+ yrs to bloom                 C=50F                         H=High (2500+fc)                                    *less watering, NO FERTILIZER           Keiki or clone

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