Native to: Brazil. Laelia bradei's distribution is limited to a few locations in the states of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo above 1200 meters in elevation. It grows in rocky cracks between 1200 and 1300 meters in elevation. Francisco Mirando reports that they "are very commonly found on sand and gravel crystalline deposits that accumulate in depressions of the ledges, which then act as small "pools" during the rainy season. These dry out during the several months of seasonal drought, but there is always a bit of moisture available to the root systems and so the plants survive these long periods with no rain."


Miniature. The pseudobulbs of Laelia bradei grow 2-4 cm tall and almost as wide. Leaves are thick and fleshy and grow 3-4 cm long. Overall, the plant height rarely exceeds 6-8 cm. Leaves are cupped and dark green or reddish if exposed to very intense light. Flowers are held slightly above the foliage.

L. bradei


                 Size                             Min Night Temp.                        Light                             Fragrant           Winter* Rest                                         WYSIWYG

    BS=Blooming Size                     W=60F                           L+Low (1000fc)                     Y/N                   Y=needs                                             What you see is 

    NBS=1-2 yrs til bloom                 I=55F                M=Medium (1000-2000fc)                                 N=No winter rest                                    what you get

    Sdlg=2+ yrs to bloom                 C=50F                         H=High (2500+fc)                                    *less watering, NO FERTILIZER           Keiki or clone

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