Rupicolous. Laelia gloedeniana is found at 1600 m in elevation.
Plant size is small. The pseudobulbs grow to 25 cm tall and the leaf gows 30-50 cm long. The leaves are thick and robust and are green in color without red pigment.
Flower Size is 1 1/2 inches (5-6 cm)
Growing Temperature is Cool to Warm
The culture of Laelia gloedeniana is the same as for other Brazilian rupicolous laelias. Provide bright light and good air circulation.

L. gloedeniana


                 Size                             Min Night Temp.                        Light                             Fragrant           Winter* Rest                                         WYSIWYG

    BS=Blooming Size                     W=60F                           L+Low (1000fc)                     Y/N                   Y=needs                                             What you see is 

    NBS=1-2 yrs til bloom                 I=55F                M=Medium (1000-2000fc)                                 N=No winter rest                                    what you get

    Sdlg=2+ yrs to bloom                 C=50F                         H=High (2500+fc)                                    *less watering, NO FERTILIZER           Keiki or clone

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