These have been growing in the greenhouse and are now blooming size.  Spikes are produced in late October and they bloom in Nov - Dec.  Fragrant. 


This is an easy growing miniature that grows in all conditions except very low light and very cool temps.


Great for window sill or under lights.


The picture is for the red form, but the flower is the same - just yellow.

Onc. Twinkle 'Sunlight' yellow form


                 Size                             Min Night Temp.                        Light                             Fragrant           Winter* Rest                                         WYSIWYG

    BS=Blooming Size                     W=60F                           L+Low (1000fc)                     Y/N                   Y=needs                                             What you see is 

    NBS=1-2 yrs til bloom                 I=55F                M=Medium (1000-2000fc)                                 N=No winter rest                                    what you get

    Sdlg=2+ yrs to bloom                 C=50F                         H=High (2500+fc)                                    *less watering, NO FERTILIZER           Keiki or clone