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Beautiful, blooming orchids are the perfect addition to any home or business setting.


For the past 15+ years Main Street Orchids has specialized in providing fine orchid arrangements to many facilities in The Greater Philadelphia area. Starting with Susanna Foo's restaurant on Walnut Street, we now decorate in excess of 25 condominium lobbies. In addition, we also provide orchids to individuals.  

Each clients' program is unique to them.  Since we grow a lot of our orchids, we can provide them at economical prices. We are completely flexible and will provide what you can appreciate at very economical prices. We also regrow and bloom a lot of the orchids we bring back.


For businesses

Our business programs normally involve changing arrangements on a bimonthly or monthly basis.  For larger installations, we visit the premises weekly to water and change the arrangements or individual orchids on an as needed basis. There is nothing for the managers or maintenance staff to do.  We take care of everything.

All installations are guaranteed to last for a month. If something unforeseen were to happen, we change them during the month at no charge.

For individuals

Programs for individuals include both arrangements and individual orchid delivery. Normally small arrangements, of a couple to three orchids, are provided to decorate particular points in the home. We also provide large arrangements for dramatic effect.

Regardless of your preference for small or large arrangements, we will provide you with quality orchids to suit your specific situations.

Please call for an appointment to discuss your specific situation.

Michael: 215-292-2904

Sharon: 215-498-4703

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