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Terms and Conditions

Minimum order = $25.00


As soon as possible, AFTER RECEIVING PAYMENT, we will pick, pack and ship your order.


Please note:  During show season (Jan - mid-April for us) shipping may take longer than normal.  

We will try to check the weather, but would appreciate an email if you do not want us to delay shipping because of inclement weather or any other reason.  


If we determine we should not ship due to weather conditions you will be notified by email. You may have us ship, but we accept no responsibility for the condition in which the plants arrive.

Unless otherwise instructed, we ship USPS Priority Mail.  This normally takes 2-3 days.      


72 hour heat packs are added at a cost of $2.50 per pack.  (Currently we are not charging for the heat packs). The number of heat packs needed depends on the size of the package and the temperature of the area to where it's being shipped.  For small orders one is usually enough.

If requested, we will pick and hold an order during the winter and ship it in spring.

If your order arrives with the box crushed or broken, please take a picture of it, including the shipping label.

If you are not satisfied for any reason orchids may be returned within 5 working days.

Check policy - If paying by check your order will be held for two weeks after we deposit it.  The intent is to avoid any charges to our account.  If there are any charges imposed by our bank, we expect them to be covered by you.


Your satisfaction with our orchids upon arrival is always guaranteed.  Future growth is subject to proper care.  Plants are guaranteed to be true to labeling.  If a plant is improperly labelled, please contact us and we will make appropriate adjustment.  


There is no guarantee that flowers or buds will arrive in any condition.  We do make every attempt to safely wrap them but they still may be damaged during the shipping process.  We cannot guarantee that flowers arrive with no damage and/or any buds survive.


Our liability is limited to your purchase price of the plant.  We will make every effort to make things right and keep you a satisfied customer.  We reserve the right to ask for safe return of the plant.

Unless indicated differently, the plants pictured on our shopping pages are representative of the plants you are purchasing, and may not be the actual plant you receive.

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